yooneroos. “Ok, welcome to BTS’ 1st exclusive concert, the red bullet! Chronology Korean with BTS Book Package Rapmon places the mic up in the air to hear the intensity of the crowd. #BTS #BTS concert #bts red bullet #BTS red bullet tour #BTS Jin #BTS jimin #BTS jungkook #BTS jhope #BTS hoseok #bts rap monster #BTS rapmon #BTS v #BTS taeyung #BTS suga #BTS yoongi. BTS 2014 live trilogy THE RED BULLET concert official photo set rare. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Wings Tour (23) BangBangCon (1) BTS 1st Japan Showcase - Next Stage (2) BTS 1st Japan Tour Wake Up: Open Your Eyes (6) BTS 2014 (1) BTS Love Yourself World Tour (41) BTS … On Thursday July 16, 2015, BTS held their first US concert for their 2015 Red Bullet tour at Best Buy Theater in New York City. Additional Day Booked … Next Be sure to follow the producers, SubKulture Entertainment on their SNS below: // Main article: 2015 BTS Live Merchandise The collection of 21 items that were available during the concerts in Seoul that were part of the 2015 BTS Live